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Hey Kareem:

My husband is a musician, and he’s about to go on a three-month tour. What can I do beforehand, or even while he gone, to make sure he doesn’t stray???? We’ve been together for 17 years and are still very much in love, but I just want to make sure I’m on my P’s and Q’s and no other woman can entice my man while he’s missing me! So far we’ve decided to make love everyday before he leaves. What else can I do?


Already Missing My Babe

Kareem Says:

This is a tough one. There is really no guarantee that he will not cheat. Musicians are like pro ball players and politicians – they attract whores. Three months is a long time for any man to go without sex. But a 17-year relationship is even longer. Since you all are very much still in love, I think that your bond will suppress his desire to do his thing. Is there any way you can take some vacation time to meet up with him on the road? That would be good for the relationship and will curb any of his urges to step out.

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