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The 2010 Menswear shows have just wrapped up and we’ve put together a go-to guide for the biggest trends to hit the runways (whether good or bad).

First take a look at out picks for the worst of 2010 Menswear:

Kanye & Amber Kick Off Mens Fashion Week In Fur

Here is our list of the top 7 looks showing up on European runways, and what we think of them!

Top Trends For Men In 2010

1.) The Murse


Man purses were in abundance on the 2010 Menswear runways. While most men are averse to rocking bags for fear of having them confused with pocketbooks, a few designers found ways to make the murse more masculine.

We vote PASS on man purses for 2010!

2.) Thick Knits


There is noting quite as sophisticated and sexy as a man in a thick form fitting knit sweater. Knits were heavy on the 2010 runways, just the way we like them.

We vote PASS on knits for 2010!

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3.) Leather Pants

Leather pants

Leather pants were a huge trend in the 90s, and they seem to be in for a huge comeback in 2010. A number of designers showed leather bottoms, though we’re not entirely sure about the look. You definitely need a whole lot of swagger to pull off this look. If you’re ambitious enough to try, make sure and study the runway shows where the look has been perfected.

Its a toss up for the leather pant look. You are just as likely to PASS as you are to FAIL while trying this bold trend!

4) Dresses & Skirts


Let me start off by stating that we vote hell no on this trend. While experimentation is always encouraged in fashion, there are certain trends that are strictly relagated to certain people (namely, women and Irish men). Skirts are definitely not a good look for 2010.

We vote FAIL on dresses and skirts for 2010!

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5) Shearling Coats


There is a new coat alternative making its way through the fashion circuit. Designers reintroduced the shearling lined bomber in the 2010 menswear collections. Overall this look is bold sexy and ultra masculine.

We vote PASS on Shearling Coats for 2010!

6) 2 Tone Suits

2 tone suit

While the suit is a difficult thing to reinvent, several designers took a stab at it on the Menswear runways. The newest trend in tailored menswear is apparently mixing tones. Several designers showed suits and jackets with different-colored sleeves. In addition, some went as far as choosing a different fabric altogether for the sleeves. Our verdict: don’t try to fix whats not broken. The suit is the quintessential tailored, any-occasion menswear piece. No alteration necessary in this case.

We vote FAIL on 2 Toned suits for 2010!

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7) Tights

man tights

There is almost nothing flattering about a man in tights. While women are able to wear them and showcase endless curves, a man in tights just does not scream sexy. No one wants to see your man’s body knees knocking in a pair of tights. Leave it to the ballet dancers guys.

We vote FAIL on tights for 2010!

Check out the best of 2010 menswear in this gallery:

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