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Most of us have either seen or heard of the movie, ‘War of the Roses,’ where a married couple going through a divorce do the most horrendous things to gain the edge in getting more in the divorce settlement. Well, welcome to the ‘War of the Goats!’ Both Tina Knowles and Mathew Knowles are Capricorns, the sign of the goat and this should prove to be a very interesting divorce settlement. Who goes after what and who ends up with what in their multi-million dollar empire will be very fascinating to watch.

At this point, in typical Capricorn style, the Knowles are trying to handle the proceedings in a dignified, professional, non-antagonistic manner by releasing a statement saying that they weren’t going to have a messy divorce and that things are going to be calm and fair. Based on their planets, I say, ‘yea, we’ll see!’ Tina Knowles, born 1/4/1954, has several planets in Capricorn. Her Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are all in the materialistic sign of Capricorn. Her Venus has special significance. Tina, loves financial security and doesn’t have a problem working hard to get it, as we have all seen from the multiple hats she has worn from the very beginning of Destiny’s Child, with the launching of Beyonce’s very successful career and with the start of her own design line House of Derron. It is easy to surmise based on Tina’s astrology that if Mathew thinks that he is going to walk away with the upper hand in this divorce settlement, he’d better think again!

This Capricorn woman is not going to let him get away with anything that she doesn’t think he deserves. Tina is going to teach him a good lesson about disrespecting their marriage with the paternity suit of Alexsandra Wright claiming Mathew as the father to her unborn child and all the other numerous rumors constantly circulated about Mathew’s unfaithful ways for years.

Based on his planets, Mathew Knowles born on 1/9/1951 has a Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, and his Moon, Venus and Mars in Aquarius suggest that he loves the company of others. He can have real boundary issues when it comes to love. In other words, Mathew’s cosmic profile suggests that he likes to roam romantically, resulting in the impending paternity suit with Ms. Wright. Based on the planets I think that Tina Knowles will come out on top financially, but money can’t buy you love and with so many of her planets in the ‘do or die’ sign of Capricorn, letting her husband of 29 years go must have been a very tough decision. But Capricorn’s are known to learn their lessons the hard way and Mathew Knowles is in for a major karmic schooling next year!

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