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So you’re in love, and everything is roses. Then you break up, let bitterness get the best of you, and tell everyone who’ll listen that your ex was actually terrible in bed. Sound familiar?

Now that Amy and “BLAAAAAAAKE!” have broken up, the singer is telling reporters that her beloved Blake Incarcerated was lame in the sack. According to Bild,

In a bizarre U-turn, scandal-hit singer Amy claims she STILL loves her husband and that she is not besotted with her Caribbean squeeze, reports The Sun: “Josh has gone home. He was lovely. But it was a holiday thing. I still love my Blake.”

The news came just a few days after she proclaimed her love for holiday romance Josh – and declared her hubby Blake was a flop in the sack.

Amy Winehouse said: “Blake was rubbish in bed. Do you know what? Almost every time I slept with him it was like I was dead.”

I’m willing to bet it was like she was dead because she was probably too cracked out to enjoy it, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s just a little immature to put all your business out there like that, especially when that information is voluntary! Who cares how good/bad the sex was? If you really love(d) someone, keep your priorities in order – keep your bedroom business in the bedroom.

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