How to Avoid Your Next Date from Hell


The other night, I had the wonderful chance (can’t you just hear the sarcasm jumping off the page?) to go on a blind/double date with a man who left little to be desired. Over the years, I’ve noticed the same trend with dates that always end in disaster. Men (and some of you ladies), here are some No-No’s that will ensure you at least a semi-decent first date.

1. Men should still pay for at least the first couple dates.

Im a southern gal, born and raised. Therefore, the first few times I expect you to pay! I think of it as an investment or perhaps a budding seed. Now, I don’t know much about gardening, but I do know that when you see a flower you like, you buy the seeds, provide water and sunlight, then BAM – you have a beautiful flower! But you have to invest time and dinero for the flower (relationship) to grow. Later down the line, though, I’ll help maintain our pretty little garden. Now, I know it’s a new generation and going dutch is the “in” thing, but don’t ask me on a date and then hand me the check!!

Bottom Line: Guys, if you really like a girl, the first two or three times, save your money and treat her to dinner. Chivalry is not quite dead.

2. Bad feet can be a serious deal breaker….

I’ve noticed that many guys judge us females by how we maintain our feet. I recently went on a blind/double date, and before he shook my hand or even said hello, his eyes skimmed my feet; he wasn’t even trying to be discreet! Thankfully, I had on a fresh coat of OPI, but it wasn’t because I was anticipating this little rendezvous. Later that night, I told him I noticed the extra attention he was giving me and told him to take his shoes off and show me HIS feet. He resisted! So fellas, next time you dismiss a women, ask yourself: are MY toenails cut and well-groomed? Did I take time or pay someone 30 bucks to scrub the calluses off my crusty heels?! Probably not! That doesn’t make you a bad person, or even say that you don’t take baths. It just says you weren’t expecting anyone to zoom down on your toes, or perhaps didn’t have time for a pedicure – but maybe we don’t always have the time, either. And please…don’t tell us “guys don’t count,” because if that’s the case, that cash you saved can go towards our date!

Bottom Line: If your feet – or for that matter, any other feature of your body – is not up to par, keep your comments on our bodies to yourself.

3. …And the same goes for bad hygiene.

This applies to everybody! A shower with body wash and toothpaste goes a long way. You can get either at a dollar store or at your local market. The worst (and I mean the WORST) first impression you could make is having dumpster breath! A post-shower cologne/perfume spritz wouldn’t hurt, either.

Bottom Line: Don’t show up smelling like a sewer!

4. Chemistry is Key.

If you aren’t interested in someone, please keep the date moving. There’s no need to continue if both parties are bored out of their mind, staring into space. After dinner, politely excuse yourself and take a rain check. Then, of course, don’t cash it!

Bottom Line: If you don’t like somebody, don’t waste your time.

5. Smell fresh – don’t get fresh!

About three weeks ago, I hitched a ride with a friend who swindled her college pal to drive us home from a party. I guess he thought I “owed” him and took it upon himself to grab a handful of booty! Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT sneak a feel! It’s disrespectful and tactless. Instead, try a gentlemen’s approach and say “I really had a nice time with you” or “I enjoyed your company tonight.” Go in for the hug and a little peck on the cheek and leave it at that.

Bottom Line: Guys, unless you want to go to jail for sexual assault…look, but don’t touch!

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