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Diddy is determined to become and remain a household name, by any means necessary! Even if that means taking on housewives of every age, creed, and color!!!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you read right!

On November 30, Diddy will make his obnoxious debut on the Home Shopping Network showcasing his “Unforgivable” and “I Am King” fragrances for all those couch potato, shopping addicts across the country. According to, he’s set an unbelievably high goal of $400,00 worth of merchandise to be made.

Mindy Grossman, chief executive officer of HSN Inc., recalled working at VH1, and she wants to apply a similar strategy. “We should own Behind the Fragrance,” Grossman said, paraphrasing the title of the music-biography series.

The show won’t just be Diddy spraying the air and sexy “light-skinned” models, but will actually be in a “talk-show format” on a custom-made set (of course Diddy!)

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Sean John executive vice-president Jeffrey Tweedy credits Grossman with “turning [HSN] into a hip TV channel.”

How typical Diddy. People just love buying scents they can’t smell, and are willing to spend an easy $60 because Diddy said so! You know what though? Watch him make a ton of money, cause, you know, he’s Diddy afterall!

No hate Diddy! You’re the man!

The Diddy conspiracy show starts at 11 p.m. on Monday on your local HSN channel.

I thought I told you that he don’t stop, I thought I told you that he don’t stop, a huh, huh, huh!

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