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The topic of “hate” is quite prevalent within the black community. Often times, however, hate-fueled aggression is misguided, ignorant and uselessly cynical. Being part of the Black Planet universe, HelloBeautiful is very much in touch with the issue of hate in our community. We have gathered some of the most blatantly offensive show of hate from our wonderful readers’ pool of comments, and compiled a list of three tips to help you avoid spewing such disparaging ideas into the universe. Check them out below:

1) Have a sense of humor.

This is the cardinal rule of the anti-hate bible. Be able to realize when someone is joking! Sarcasm, jokes and humor should not threaten you. Stars put themselves out in the public eye in order for us to formulate opinions about them. If we choose to make a joke at someone’s expense, its okay! Have a good laugh and move on.

2) “The only time you should look down on another woman is when you’re helping her up.”

Stop putting each other down ladies! Instead of harsh critique, opt for constructive criticism. When you write or say something mean in a comment, it doesn’t come across as brilliant. It comes across as mean. Any sentence beginning with “you stupid h*e” is inappropriate. As the saying goes, if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing.” That’s a surefire way to avoid hating.

3) Not every woman is out to get you.

You don’t need to always be defensive. If no one is attacking you directly, then there is no need to attack back. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you do not agree with a particular opinion, there is no need to go on a cussing tirade about how stupid a blogger is because he/she thinks Beyonce is boring. It’s not that serious. The same is true in broader life. Not every woman is trying to take you down. Save your misguided aggression for a more worthy cause.

Now give us your opinion. Why is hate running rampant in our community?

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