In all of this relationship talk I often wonder one thing: Do people still date? Now, I mean really date. Now dating is not meeting one guy or one girl and trying to make them “the one”. The entire purpose of dating before marriage is to meet different people. Learn about them and at the same time you’ll also be learning about yourself.

Once I received an email here at BMWK that had this in the body:

Often, people will waste time and energy on a relationship that will never really blossom. People have forgotten the art of dating, where you sift through many prospects to find the prize catch. Too often, daters will cling to one person too long, only to find their needs continuing to go unmet.

I think this is some good stuff right here and that people forget about it. Now I know we’ve all been guilty of holding on to somebody for too long but hopefully at some point you realized it and got to steppin. Hopefully while you were holding on to that one person for too long you didn’t miss the person that was really intended for you.

Here are five tips for dating…

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