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Watching television in today’s society,  we are all led to believe that bisexuality is no big deal and that everyone has ‘kissed a girl’ and/or a boy and liked it. Hollywood makes it seem like we all float in an out of  relationships with boys and girls. But in reality, we all know that that is simply not true, as children we were socialized that girls like boys and vice-versa. As adults it is up to the individual to define their own sexuality based on who you believe you are.  Some will say that they see sexuality as a revolving door and that they fall for “the person” no matter what their sexual orientation. If you come in contact with one of these extremly honest people and you decide to think outside of the box too, here’s what you should keep in mind! Remember know thy self and always use condoms.

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Be Honest: The worse thing to deal with is a lair when it refers to ones sexual past! This is not a “down-low” coward that it silently having unprotected sex because he can’t admit the truth. We are talking about a person that is up front and honest with you, so therefore you should do the same. Admit that you are new to this side of the game. You both should be very open and honest.

Ask Questions, like: Are You A Top Or A Bottom? Do You Believe in monogamy? How Long Ago Was The ‘Same Sex’ Relationship? Have You Ever Had A Threesome?  This is a new experience, so you should ask as many questions as you need to. The more you know,  will help you figure out more about your new potential partner.

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Be Open Minded in Bed Too: Of course every person is different so you never want to generalize, but if a person states that they see sexuality as ‘fluid,’ like flowing water. That means changing and naturally fitting in every situation; I am guessing that they will try to simulate all of your sexual senses by making use of every hole that the body has to offer. Expect sexual toys in ‘bed’, so be ready and willing to play.

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