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As women, we can become obsessed with men. You sit around endlessly talking to your friends about him and whether he will or will not call.

Question: do you think that when the two of you actually get on the phone that the desperation is not seeping through?

Answer: Of course, men can smell a needy girl from a mile away. Just drop your needy, desperate self and get a life. Guaranteed, when you do shed that unhealthy outer layer and put him out of your mind completely, he will be drawn back. There could be hundreds of reasons why he did not call you. For now, we have decided that he is a coward and like most men he wants to avoid the awkard “talk” at all cost. If you need a reason and/or closure, here you go:

Why would he call you if he knows that you are going to call him? So you decided that you are not going to play “the games” and you say to yourself “when I want to call him I will.”  You call him constantly; then you wonder why he never asked you out on a date–you ask him out on a date. The cycle goes on and on, because you eliminated the chase by being to available. Now you notice that he is not giving you the adoration that you so desire.

Truth: Before you get to this point, just step away from the phone and let him pursue you. If he does not call then he does not want to talk to you.

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Someone else caught his eye: There are lots of single people in the world, if you thought that he was cute chances are that someone thinks the same. Remember that door swings both ways, so do not compromise who you are for a man. He met someone else that he likes more than you and so what–that happens.

Truth: You liked him, he lost interest so just keep it moving. He probably did you a favor, who wants a lukewarm relationship?

He is on his grind: He is to busy building his empire to spend time and money on getting to know you. You re-arrange your whole schedule to fit his needs, completely putting what you need second.

Truth: Use it as inspiration, get on your grind. Be passionate about your work too, or get a hobby.

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