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There are so many social networking sites where we can get in contact with almost everyone from your first elementary school crush to your long lost college roommate– no one is exempt from being found. But there comes a time when we have to stop being nice, because we all know that Black Planet, Facebook and MySpace friends do not always equal real friends. There are certain people, that we ‘friend’ that is an error in judgment, so now we must De-friend:

Is Facebook Causing Trouble In Your Marriage?

1) The love of your life that got away. He/She is married now, it took you three years to get over them and until this day the mention of his/her name almost brings tears to your eyes. Although it has been years since you last crossed paths and you think that you are 100 percent over it. De-friend– so you longer will find yourself looking at pictures of the happy family on vacation.

2) The playground bully: They are the reason why you still feel that your nose is too big. Or they berated you in front of everyone in middle school for wearing ‘high- waters’ pants in the mid-90’s. You thought that you were passed the pain because you’re grown now– somethings we never get over. Let them go and the constant reminder of all of the taunts from back in the day.

3) The person that fired from your job. Even if it was 10-years-ago, being fired puts a terrible taste in your mouth. If there was a co-worker or former boss that had a hand in your demise then that will sting you to the core probably forever. Do not accept that friendship request, when you see it. That person is probably just being nosy.

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