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If you’re like me, and LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEE to have special treatment when you shop, then is for you!

Listen, I’m not a big fan of online shopping because, well, shopping is therapeutic (as it should be!). With Covet, it’s like an online personal shopper that takes the time to really get to know you. And it’s so much damn fun!

Don’t beleive me? Ok, here are 5 reasons you should give Covet a try:

1. (Re)defines your sense of style:

When you sign up to this really funky site, they take your style measurements. They evaluate your sense of fashion through a series of pictures to get a better grasp of who YOU are in your fashionista self. I ended up being “Contemporary Urban” with Contemporary Modern and Boho influences. I swear they got me perfectly!!! And they customize everything from remembering your sizes in EVERYTHING and price ranges. Great for the stylist lady with recession special pockets.

2. Looks You Love (and hate!)

Wanna talk about personal?! Have you ever walked in a store and gone, “eww” after seeing those gruesome shoes or hideous pair of jeans? Well Covet allows to cut corners and only get styles you like. Hate tunics? Gone! Wideleg jeans not you’re thing? Poof! And you get to see only your favorite designers. How do you like that?

3. Twitter &Facebook addicts? Great they’re on just for you!

You don’t even have to log in through the site. Just use your Facebook or Twitter accounts and you’re in there like swimwear!

4. It’s free!

And really, what’s better than that? And they don’t flood your inbox, just offer great style on your terms.

Take a peek at the site, and let us know if you love it or really, really hate it!

Check out star styles that you’ll  find at Covet:

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