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There are many factors that can contribute to hair loss including stress, excessive chemical treatments and child birth. Studies show that being too thin can also lead to hair loss. According to Maureen Salamon from, “Nutritional problems that result from heavy dieting or eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, can shock the hair follicles to temporarily stop growing. As with illness, inadequate nutrition, including insufficient protein, vitamins or minerals, taxes the body and this may cause a shift into a protective mode that minimizes nonessential functions such as hair growth.”

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Society pushes the image of the super skinny models and starlets on the average women making us feel like we are too big to be sexy. But if this finding is true then the reverse is true that being overweight leads to thicker hair? One can make the argument that over-eating feeds the hair follicles allowing them to grow. When we feed our bodies with protein, vitamins and minerals it can maximize the function of hair giving us fuller locks. A diet high in fat and protein may give you thunder thighs, but who cares if you have a full head of hair to help balance the thick gut and lack of a waist. So does this mean that big girls also have bigger booties and thicker, fuller heads of hair?

The downside is that studies have also shown that obesity in women leads to thick, coarse facial hair because of a hormone imbalance, while obesity in men leads to the appearance of male breast.

Pick your poison: which one would you chose thin hair or thunder thighs?

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