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Kanye West and Amber Rose were seen again shopping and having a grand ol’ time in Beverly Hills. I’d only wish he’d pull up those saggy jeans!

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For more Kanye craziness check out what he had to say in French Magazine Liberation Next about love and being Kanye West:

He almost considers relationship like a contract, the other person is a partner, kids: the mandatory accessory. “Real rock stars, he said one day, get married and have rock stars babies”. More or less engaged to Amber Rose, a model spectacularly dressed in pink, he does not delude himself.”Of course women are attracted by celebrity, money, the illusion of “love me for who I am” is stupid/an idiocy, we are no longer in college, I am f*cking Kanye West.

West does not respect anything. Religions? Not more than fashion brands”. Fans? Pffft. ” Art? “Of course. If I wanted to be rich, says Kanye West, I would have created a line of T-Shirt with a bear, my emblem of the very first years”

That’s enough enough ego to last us all year.

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