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Tesehki and ET Fight at Baddies East reunion

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Zeus Network’s Baddies East reunion was filmed on Wednesday night, hosted by NeNe Leakes and Janeisha John. Explosive details about what went down when cameras started rolling are floating on social media. Tension had been building on social media leading up to the reunion, which exploded when ET a.k.a Scarface, who joined the cast from the hot-rising network NowThatsTV (who is slowly becoming that girl), hit the stage.

Following the reunion show, the cast, individually, took to social media to show off their war wounds or lack thereof. Tesehki, ET, Camila, Sukihana, DJ Sky, and Ahna Mac all attempted to look unscathed after the melee as they addressed curiosity from fans who were eager to know what went down.

Tesehki and ET fought, ET claims she got jumped, Rollie and Biggie got into it, Sapphire was out for redemption and challenged ET to a duel, and Camila allegedly fought Rollie. According to ET’s security guard, who wasn’t allowed inside the reunion, Zeus Network guards allegedly brandished weapons at those who had gathered outside the reunion gates to see if ET was OK.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Baddies East this season, fans lobbied for ET to join Baddies East after her charming season on NowThatsTV’s The Academy. ET and Rollie established their alliance early and the two quickly earned the title of bullies after altercations with Tee, Biggie, Smiley, and Sukihana. So where does Tesehki and ET’s fight come in? Fans automatically expected Tesehki and ET to have beef on Baddies East because ET fought Chrisean Rock on NowThatsTV, but the two had since made up so ET didn’t have smoke for Tesehki, and vice versa unless things went awry. On a specific episode, ET directly told Tesehki she felt a way about her making fun of her on a live broadcast and Tesehki apologized. They hugged it out. The two, so far, have gone the whole season without fighting. Things changed when ET began to call Tesehki out on social media. Fast-forward to the reunion and both ladies reportedly stood on business.

Tesehki And ET Fight

Tesehki and ET fought multiple rounds, ET revealed on “The Liddy Show.” When asked for details about the fight, ET said “The first round, I dropped her and when I dropped her that’s when they jumped me. The second round – it was a couple hits in but, she had hit me and I tried to back up and there were two rugs, there was a carpet on top of a carpet, and I tripped and I fell back and I’m like ‘Oh man they going to edit that in her favor.'”

She continued,” I got back up and was like, ‘Let me run another one.'” We ran that one and that’s when the bonnet went over my head.” According to ET, the bonnet left her fighting blind but she continued to swing. Ultimately, she said, “It was a good fight.”

ET also posted her face after the reunion with the caption, “Win or lose or jumped whatever you call it, I look fine and I am fine.”

Tesehki also took to social media to address the fight. “You just got beat up,” she said. “Your body hurts because I told you I was going to break you down.” Tesehki did confirm that she had blood in her mouth.

Baddiest East Reunion Fights

ET and Tesehki weren’t the only two to get it in. ET fought multiple people including Sapphire, who she says came in hot wanting to redeem herself from not sticking up for Sukihana on a recent controversial episode of Baddies East. ET also fought Mariah Lynn. She confirmed she did not fight either of the Skys. She also “ran up” on Natalie.

Camila allegedly left the reunion early after fighting Rollie. Camila took to social media to say what she could about the reunion. “I’ll just that you guys are going to have a show.” And she confirmed they were able to get into some dialogue before Tesehki and ET shook the building. “I love that NeNe hosted, that was dope,” she added. She also commented on Tesehki’s fighting skills. “I have seen a lot of people fight in person but when she fights, she fights,” Camila said. She denounced rumors Rollie “dropped her” and claimed she tried to pick her up and Rollie fell ontop of her. She also clarified, that she left the reunion because it was stressful.

Rollie also commented on reunion rumors, dispelling that she and ET left early. “You think my boss gon pay me 50k and let me leave? I took a nap and woke up on bulls*t.”

“This is the best reunion that ever happened,” Sukihana said on live also confirming Tesehki and Sapphire both fought ET.

We’ll just have to wait to see what went down with our own eyes when they air the reunion. Check out the reunion trailer, below:


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