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While the cats away…Tiny will play!!!

Mediatakeout has a very interesting story that needs to be told. Apparently TI’s ride or die chick, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle has struck up a friendship with another female.

Here’s how’s insider describes the two ladies’ interaction at Tiny’s birthday party last week:

She carried Tiny’s stuff that TI bought to the car but they always rode in separate cars. I saw her driving Tiny’s Range Rover and Tiny drove a Lexus.

Will the bars of steel break Tiny’s and T.I.’s bond?

I don’t know who she is or her name but she was with TI kids at Atlantic station in Atlanta. I don’t think it is just a friend because when leaving a club, she open Tiny’s door and leaned in for what looked like a kiss.

I’ve heard rumors that Tiny and T.I. are swingers, but c’mon Tiny, this chick is not even cute!!!!


Check out Tiny celebrating her 34th birthday below:

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