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When it comes to other people’s love lives, everyone has an opinion. Whether or not these opinions are any good is another story. Here are some of the worst men/relationship tips I’ve heard:

“Maybe he just lost your number.” It’s not exactly cold-hearted to try and keep a friends hopes up about a guy who hasn’t called her yet. But I try to avoid saying this for the sake of keeping it at least somewhat real-how often does the missing number/phone thing actually happen??

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“He’s intimidated by you.” Maybe its just me, but who wants to be with someone who gets so “intimidated” that he can’t call you back, show up for dates or bother to bring you into his life??  

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“He loves his family-that’s why he won’t move out of his mother’s house.” Statements like this come from someone who’s more scared of hurting your feelings then confirming your instincts about a potential red flag. Watch for the friend who has impossibly high standards herself but would probably defend Osama bin Laden to you as a relationship choice.

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