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We all know that Thanksgiving foods taste even better the next day, but what happens when you would like to send your guests home with food? This Thanksgiving, HB shows you how to properly store leftovers and what containers to use to store them.

Some tips:

* Wash your hands, utensils and work surfaces before and after handling food.

* Refrigerate leftovers immediately.

* Cold food should be stored at 40 degrees or cooler.

* Very hot items can be cooled at room temperature for about 30 minutes prior to being refrigerated.

* Refrigerate or freeze leftovers in covered, shallow containers. Food will cool faster in shallow containers.

* Date leftovers to ensure that they are not stored for too long

How To Travel With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Here are our top 5 containers:

Crate and Barrel Storage Bowl with Clear Lid

Stackable and perfectly portable, these pint-sized, clear glass bowls are ideal for storing and transporting leftovers.

$1.75 at crateandbarrel.com

Heat ‘N Serve Containers from Tupperware

Store, freeze, microwave, reheat and serve, all in one container.

$17.50-19.50 at tupperware.com

Snapware® Glass Lock Round 13.6-Ounce Storage Container

These snapware containers are perfect for storing food in the refrigerator or freezer. Attractive, stain-proof containers can even be used as serving dishes. Dishwasher safe.

$7.99 at bedbathandbeyond.com

Rubbermaid Produce Saver

Transport your greens in this clear container with separate tray. The tray separates greens from pooled moisture, so the leaves remained crisp.

$9.97 at walmart.com

Sugar Pie Keeper

This airtight container keeps pies from drying out. Use it in the refrigerator or the freezer- your pies keep their shape and stay fresh and tasty.

$8.95 at solutions.com

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