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Does your man look like he dresses himself in the dark? Are you embarrassed to go out in public with him on your arm? Take these tips and your man shopping!

1. V-Neck. The plunging neckline is no longer only seen on women’s clothing. Men’s V-Neck T-Shirts scream sex appeal with their plummeting necklines and still leaving your mans wallets heavy.

2. Old school. The jean jacket is back and has grabbed the attention of many.Your man can layer this jacket over top of a plain T-shirt or under a heavier coat.

3. Colored and patterned cardigans have hit the scene. Want your man to wreak sex appeal, style, and intelligence? Well, then stock up!

4. Protect your mans eyes! Flat Top sunglasses are hot! They’ve hit the runways and have taken off.

5. Your man wants to wear a hat but what about that horrid hat hair that will be exposed at the dinner table? Don’t worry! Tell him to leave the baseball cap at home and grab the ultra trendy Trilby Hat.

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