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Have you tried everything from modern miracle drops to Monistat to get your hair to grow but nothing works? We have something in common. There may be some deeper reasons that are holding back your hair growth. It may be something you’re putting in your body. It could simple maintenance tips like when to trim that’s holding you back.

Did you know many medicines, including our birth control, have ingredients that cause hair loss? We’ve also learned that what works for another beauty, may not work for us. Could product aversion be the cause of your limited strands.

Here are seven things that could be holding you back from your long hair don’t care goals.

1. Medicine


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If you feel like you’re doing everything right and your hair is still not responding, you might need to peek inside your medicine cabinet.

“It is widely known that certain blood pressure medications such as lisinopril and captopril will cause hair loss, says Alexis Stanley, RN and founder of haircare line Uniquirl. She added, “Progesterone based birth controls such as Depo-Provera, acne treatments like Accutane, and anti-fungal medications such as Ketoconazole all are widely known to cause hair loss.”

Ask a few questions before you pick up that refill.

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