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(From blackdoctor.org) — Whether traveling for work or pleasure, you don’t have to forsake your workout and exercise plan. Even if you find yourself pressed for some, or need some simple, effective moves, you can still do these no matter where you are. Here are some great moves for your abs and glutes. These will help tone your midsection and tighten your backside.

Exercise 1: Squats

Stand in front of any chair, preferably one that does not roll. Make sure your feet are about hip width apart, and keep your feet and heels in a nice straight line. Lower yourself toward the chair while bringing your arms forward, but don’t sit down. Come back into a standing position. Do a couple sets of ten times each. Squats are an excellent exercise because they strengthen the front of your thighs, tone the back of the legs, and they firm your glutes, which gives your derriere its nice shape.

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Exercise 2: Side Bends

For this on you need a good wide stance so make sure your feet are wider in distance than your hips. Put your hands behind your head, elbows wide. Turn your toes out a little, and then bend at the knees like a squat, but hold it. Then slowly bend from the right side to the left, moving your elbow toward your thigh. Keep the movement at your side. Here’s a hint: The deeper you bend your legs, the greater you’ll be able to bend sideways. Plus, having your legs in that wide squat stance will help tone and firm your buttocks, so you get more bang for your buck with this exercise. (You can work your calves too by raising your heels in this exercise.) Do this for at least thirty seconds at a slow pace bending side to side. Great for slimming your waistline!

Exercise 3: Walking Lunges

Stand in place and step forward with your right foot, and then lower the left knee toward the floor. Keep those heels straight and in line with the toe. Do this by alternating each leg for at least 12-14 lunges.

Exercise 4: Bicycle-style Ab Crunches

Lying on your back, place your hands behind your head. Bend the legs so that feet are on the floor and knees are up. Then bring opposite knee to elbow, with the other elbow resting comfortably on the floor, until you switch sides consecutively for at least ten or more times. Remember to keep your chin out of your chest and to extend the opposite leg nice and straight as the elbow and knee touch. Note: this exercise can be made more challenging by having the straightened leg parallel to the floor. Or, to decrease the intensity, you can raise the straight leg toward the ceiling.

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