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Usher’s crushed heart is causing a change of heart. Usher and his wife Tameka are back in the headlines again, and this time the talk is about an impending divorce? Can things get any worse for his wife Tameka?

Although, this latest turn of event comes as no surprise to many, because of all the controversy and speculation surrounding this couple from day one, (Tameka, Usher’s stylist, rumored to fall in love and leave her first husband and 2 children to be with a man 7 years younger, the constant nasty rumors about her secretly getting Usher’s manager mother fired, a postponed lavish wedding, only to be replaced with a civil ceremony in his attorney’s office a week later, and the controversies go on!)

But what do the planets say in terms of how strong are the marriage ties between these two partners in distress!

Tameka is a Sagittarius, born 12/21/1971 and Usher is a Libra, born 10/14/78. The Moon connection in their chart determines that they can have real problems in sustaining a long term relationship because Usher’s Moon is in the emotional water sign of Pisces and Tameka’s Moon is in the detached, unemotional air sign of Aquarius. Based on the elements, Usher’s emotional needs can be hard to fulfill for Tameka, who enjoys emotional space and distance in her partnerships, (an example of this is that one person desires physical closeness and the other wants to be left alone!)

They can be on different pages when it comes to getting what they need to make one another feel secure and loved. This is just one of many very challenging aspects in their chart which makes one stop to ask, what was the attraction between these two in the first place? But the real eye opener happened this year as a few key planets hits some very sensitive points in their chart and tests the strength of their relationship!

In a marriage, the planet Saturn is very important. It determines whether or not, a couple has what it takes to build a life together and withstand the ups and downs of a long term relationship. Usher’s Saturn is in the sign of Virgo and Tameka’s Saturn is in the sign of Gemini. Again, another energetic problem in finding middle ground to bring harmony in their partnership. The air sign of Gemini can be flighty and changeable, and the earth sign of Virgo tends to be grounded and more analytical. Unless some serious intervention occurs to hold this partnership together, it won’t have much of a chance for success! They are working against the odds. Both parties have to strive equally as hard to maintain this union, and if for some reason one person decides that it’s not worth it! This marriage is destined for divorce court!