The Q: What Is Your Parents’ Signature Phrase?


Let’s be honest, over the course of our lives our parents and grandparents have uttered some eccentric things to us. We can all reminisce back to our childhood to those phrases that uniquely belong to the individuals responsible for giving us life and raising us to be decent human beings. I’m sure you’ll attest, each of those phrases were powerful, yet simple and meaningful without having to have a large dialogue.

Some phrases, without a doubt, signify some of the most commonly shared childhood memories, which remain relevant today.

In the video series called The Q, Team Beautiful asked some of our favorite social media personalities that we know have varying perspectives on just about everything in life, “What are your parents’ or grandparents’ signatures phrases?”

The humorous footage features DJ Olivia Dope; Cory Townes, your favorite online contributor; our very own digital project manager Brandon Bouknight; Ashley Outrageous, host of Cruise 95 on 1 AM Radio on Dash Radio; and popular New Jersey rapper Lil Larceny.

From stern (sometimes questionable) disciplinary expressions to tricking us into eating our vegetables, these phrases will forever stay with us. And although we swore we’d never say them, we might even find ourselves using the very same phrases to our children.

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