LET’S MAKEUP: Trust Fund Beauty Almost Matte Liquid Lipsticks Are Pigment Perfection

Mike Jones

Beauties, are you looking for some new lip colors to try that are friendly to multiple shades of melanin? Right now, we are loving Trust Fund Beauty. This vegan makeup line consists for nail polish and lipsticks that pack some serious pigment.

The company is paraben free, GMO free (so you get lovely color and none of the bad stuff). The company admits it’s vanity, stating, “We don’t care about your inner beauty, we know you got that covered.” It’s made in both the United States and Europe. They do, however, care A LOT about your outer beauty and illustrate such with this luxurious lipsticks that you are going to be fiending for and begging your sugar daddy to buy. You won’t even need him too, because these lipsticks and lip glosses begin at $11.00 and go up to $22.00.

The lipstick names are sassy and clever, with titles like, Liquid Sex and K, Bye. The best parts of these lipsticks are the formula: they are moisturizing and almost matte, but not really. It’s our Style & Beauty Editor, Danielle James’ new favorite lipstick formula. A great thing about Trust Fund Beauty is that they place their lipsticks against various skin shade backgrounds, so you have some kind of comparison when shopping online. #TeamBeautiful did the same for you! Get their feedback.


Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

Our Style & Beauty Editor, Danielle James wanted to find a perfect pinky mauve that would take women from a neutral winter color with a pop of pigment straight into Spring.

Source: Victor VIRGILE / Getty

This pinky, rose, yet feminine color was trending and present at Tracy Reese’s Spring/Summer 2017 show and will be a color that you see often. Check out how they looked on each member of #TeamBeautiful and get their feedback on the color.

Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

DANIELLE:If I’m wearing this lipstick for him, he better be! I love the way this formula feels and how easily it glides on. I love this color and have been wearing it a lot lately.  It’s a perfect pinky, mauve against my brown skin tone and great to wear in any season.

Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

ALLISON: I love this color and it makes for a great neutral shade on my skin tone. The pink is a beautiful but subtle color that gives just a bit of flush to my lips which I really love. It’s a perfect sexy everyday color.”

Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

SHAMIKA: “This is a great everyday color!”

Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

KEYAIRA: “This one felt more like a nude to me then a color. It’s subtle and a nice spring color. I do like my lipsticks to pop more, but if you wanted a natural office type look, I think this would work!”



Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

This beige-brown, taupe color has undertones of purple in the formula. Danielle was looking for a dynamic brown that was diverse from your traditional chocolate. Interestingly enough, this color came out more purple, than brown!

Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

DANIELLE: ” I LOVED this lipstick on the site and on the rest of #TeamBeautiful, but on me, I just felt like it looked like a sick purple. The color was too light and muted for my lighting, even though I got lots of compliments wearing it.

Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

ALLISON:This color is a bit out of my comfort zone, but it actually feels a lot more fun once you have it on. It’s a statement color that I was surprised looked ok on me. I love the formula and the way it felt – it wasn’t drying at all.”

Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

SHAMIKA: “I didn’t love this color at first but the more I wore it, the more I loved it!” 

Source: Mike Jones / Hello Beautiful

KEYAIRA: “This color is definitely one outside my comfort zone, but the more I wore it the more I liked it. It felt great on my lips – nice and moisturized and easy to apply and take off.” 

Ladies, have you tried Trust Fund Beauty? Leave us a comment and let us know!

You can shop the products, here.


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