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It’s a wrap for yet another season of Hollywood Divas, and Countess, Golden, Malika, Lisa, Paula, Malika, Savanna, and even Carmen came together to hash out old ish. You know how these reunions go. They go over the season and beefs and everything that happened, but never really find any resolution.

That being said here are some of the most memorable moments from the reunion:

1. Countess Being a, Wait For It…Diva

She stormed out and threatened to leave the reunion because Golden triggered her, once again. You know they’ve been having a love-hate situation for at years now, but this time Countess was actually in tears. Lisa Wu and Carlos King (the producer) tried to get her to be a big girl and stick around so she could tell Golden how she feels about the mean girl drama, but this is a broken record by now.


It was sad watching Countess cry, though. She’s sensitive and tired of people’s mess.

2. Golden Working For Her Imaginary Golden Globe (Or Emmy)

About the Countess situation…

Golden thinks Countess is playing the victim again. Countess returned to the stage and Golden started trying to pull the innocent shtick and then started getting all dramatic about how she’s passionate about Countess and screaming like a maniac—working for her Golden Globe or whatever—about how everything she says to countess is out of love.


Surprisingly, Savanna, Countess’ pit bull stayed quiet the entire time, despite making some shady facial expressions. Golden wasn’t happy about that either and called her a horrible person. Um…pot meet kettle.

Anyway, this conversation got nowhere, as usual.

3. Lisa Got a New Boo

Good for her. Maybe next we’ll be hearing about a new movie project.

4. Golden Addressed The Table Read Situation

Remember when Golden got fired from her table read and they all had jokes? She got to address it. She claimed that it wasn’t anything that she did. She said that sometimes table reads can be unpredictable and that she wasn’t fired due to skills, or lack thereof. She’s probably telling the truth, but you almost don’t want to believe her just because she’s so mean.

5. Paula Is Seriously Trying To Rap

Paula performed her new song, “Going Down.” Forrest was her DJ, and yeah…she’s really serious about this rap thing. It was a raunchy song. Going down, get it? According to Paula, this song his her “contribution to the suffragette” movement.


She could have just said the feminist movement, though. Anyway, I don’t have to tell you the song was a mess, do I? Momma Dee makes better music. Seriously. Between her and Countess, lawd help us.


That’s a wrap. No word on season four, but it seems like the chances of a new season are pretty good.


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