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The thought of dying, or death in general, can be extremely hard to deal with. Often, we don’t talk about these things until they happen, and when dealing with the range of emotions after a loss, it makes planning all the more difficult.

Talking about or planning your or someone else’s funeral doesn’t have to be scary, though. Think of it as your lasting legacy, your final stroke, the last “tada!” of your existence on Earth.

Here are three ways you can memorialize your life which doesn’t involve a coffin.


Get an organic burial pod! This biodegradable burial capsule will allow your body to serve as nutrients for a tree:

Trees can live an extra 40 or 50 years or attach to a Bristlecone Pine, which can live up to 5000 years. Trees not only provide food and shelter for animals, but also absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses in the air. Talk about your death really becoming a champion for life!

Too much for you? Then look into a biodegradable coffin or an eco-friendly urn.


Turn your ashes into art:

Memory Glass allows you to memorialize your loved ones by mixing cremated remains within solid glass sculptures and jewelry. They make orbs, hearts, and pendants.


Designer Agnes Hegedus created a biodegradable urn for a water-based cremation. This beautifully designed urn floats in a clay pot, which will slowly sink to the ocean floor. Best part? These pots are fairly inexpensive, costing only a few dollars to make.

Go out uniquely. Beauties, would you be willing to die in one of these unique ways? Take our poll below!

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram, Agnes Hegedus


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