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We imagine that Kem‘s soulful lyrics come from a well stored in his heart where memories of past relationships and hopeful futures remain afloat. And when it’s time to create classic songs like “Share My Life” or “You’re On My Mind,” he taps into that central place and composes anthems for the adult lover. Just listening to one of his albums grants you access into the mind of a hopeless romantic.

Kem’s admiration for love and music began at an early age.  “My love for music started in Nashville. My grandfather was Baptist preacher and he had a piano in his house that everyone tried to keep me away from. The piano was my first love and so my love for music was born in Nashville,” he told Smokey Fontaine, InterludesLIVE host.

“Those are my earliest memories, trying to bang out gospel songs on his piano. I didn’t start thinking about music as a vocation until about middle school, high school. I tell people that I am living in my purpose. I’ve always known what I’ve been attracted to.”

Kem’s childhood affinity for his grandfather’s piano spawned a well-respected and lustrous music career. His journey comes full circle with the release of his new disc “Promise To Love.” Watch Kem perform his new joints and classics when InterludesLIVE airs on TV One this Saturday at 8/7PM CT.


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