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Romantic men who are in touch with their sensitive sides often get a bad rap (cue Drake or Babyface who told us he’s been a lover since he was little), but let’s be real ladies, we love them! R&B crooner Kem is one of those singers that knows how to tug at the heart strings, but his friends once ribbed him about creating sultry songs that have put him on the map today.

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“My first writings were love songs, I was a romantic at heart as a kid,” Kem confesses. “The musicians I was working with at the time we were coming up together would always ask me ‘Man you’re writing these love songs, don’t nobody want to hear that’  and they were trying to get me to do whatever the sound, whatever the flavor of the day was.”

It took the singer peddling some 17,000 of CDs he produced independently to get a record deal, but thankfully the world realized we need his songs about love, romance, and even heartbreak (and how to get over it).  HelloBeautiful had the pleasure of hosting the Detroit native at our InterludesLIVE event in Atlanta and he moved men and woman alike with his smooth sounds! Cozy up to your loved one and get a sneak peek of the special in the video above (his performance of “If It’s Love” will have you feeling warm and fuzzy). Plus see the star talk about his humble beginnings and how he started his career in the age where there was no YouTube, etc to help give him a push.

Catch the full InterludesLIVE in concert this Saturday on TV One 8/7PM CT and fall in love with Kem all over again!


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InterludesLIVE: Kem Serenades The Atlanta Crowd & Leaves The Ladies Screaming For More
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