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Michael Ealy believes that attitudes about sex and love have changed so much over the years that people now openly accept marital infidelity.

In Think Like A Man Too, Michael plays a man who began a relationship after a one night stand with Taraji P Henson. The idea that you can find love in a salacious way is not so strange to him considering what people watch for entertainment these days.

“We’re in a society now where a lot of things are accepted. You see dysfunctional, cheating husbands on TV now. A one night stand has been happening for years,” he told Black Tree TV.

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Here’s the thing: Michael’s not wrong. Just look at the shows the public loves to watch!

Don’t people tune in every week to see what ratchet ridiculousness is going down on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”? The most talked about couple on the show is Stevie J and Joseline. They have a shaky relationship that’s often moments from falling apart because he’s too flirtatious with other women. Then there’s Kirk Frost and Rasheeda, who never seem to be on the same page in regard to their marriage. He basically had a threesome on camera last season; his insecurity and wandering eye has also complicated their relationship this season.

All of that turmoil helped pushed the show to its highest ratings ever this week according to TV By The Numbers. Audiences are simultaneously repulsed and fascinated by relationship problems and sexy (if ill-advised) situations.

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The same is true of scripted dramas! “Scandal” gladiators and “Being Mary Jane” fans blow up social media whenever their show comes on. While both are engaging, smart, well-written shows, they also feature extramarital affairs as the central relationships.

Although what he said may seem a little odd on the surface, Michael wasn’t lying. Just don’t use any of this is an excuse to fool around on your main squeeze, and you should be fine!


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