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Whenever Stacey Dash opens her mouth about her political views she faces a hailstorm of criticism, and tonight was no different.

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The openly-conservative actress took to social media to share her thoughts on President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address, and like clockwork, the Twitterverse reacted with jokes and Stacey-Dash-knows-nothing-about-politics comments.

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The POTUS discussed everything from healthcare and income gaps to education and international affairs, and of course, the 47-year-old beauty — who was a die-hard Mitt Romney supporter during the 2012 presidential election — had strong opposing views on each topic.

On income gaps:

On education:

On healthcare: 

On international affairs:

In response, Black Twitter called her an attention whore, reported her tweets as spam AND tried to trade her off in the #BlackDraftPicks (lol). Take a look at what a few of Stacey’s critics had to say below.

It’s apparent that Mrs. Dash has really tough skin. In conclusion, she said the conversation was fun.

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