We’ve all heard Boyz II Men and Tupac sing about their love for their mamas but there comes a time when you have to tell people, even your mother, to stay in their lane. Motherly opinions were heard loud and clear on this week’s episode.

Kandi bosses all the other people in her life with ease but finds it very difficult to ask her mother to allow her to live her own life. The constant disrespect that Todd endures certainly would take a toll on anyone. Watching the couple attempt to have a discussion about the comments Momma Joyce makes about Todd was upsetting as Kandi chuckled through the discomfort. It was a relief and a great indication about how Todd feels about their relationship when he told Kandi to set up a date for them all to speak. At the dinner it became very clear that Joyce wants to hear no parts of what Kandi or Todd have to say instead quoting songs lyrics while sounding drunk. It’s apparent the only concern Momma Joyce has about Kandi marrying Todd is if her paychecks will stop coming because if she was truly so concerned about a man being a provider wouldn’t she go find one of her own?

Let them live!

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