Last week Kenya was being trolled by the police and her former landlord as she tried to move out of her home, this week she’s living in what looks to be squalor. To add insult to injury she invited Nene, the ultimate “rich bitch”, to see her place and take her house hunting. I never knew having a white fridge was the extra credit box in the ghetto column but according to her former stripper friend, Kenya is project material. After ripping her absolutely humble abode to shreds the two head off to a penthouse that made Kenya look like she wanted to vomit once she heard its price. Needless to say Kenya told the realtors she’d get back with them.

You know the episode couldn’t end without a cherry on the Ms. Moore pie and when she dropped the “L” word about her new Nigerian boo the laughs were plentiful. After seeing how she spent an entire season chasing after a man who never really wanted her we’re supposed to believe now that she’s having amazing wild sex and is being pampered by man? Sounds like an internet scam to me, I hope she didn’t write him any checks.

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