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If your school’s Box Top crew is looking for some tried-and-true tips from the real experts on how to raise cash for your child’s school, the obvious go-to source for such information is the Box Tops for Education website and blog. There you’ll find a wealth of information provided by active members of the Box Tops team as well as moms and others who readily offer their own experience and insights.

In addition to a section called “Success Stories,” the Box Tops blog offers access to flyers and handouts, videos and webinars, images and logos, news and articles, and most important, tips on how to successfully rake in thousands of Box Tops for your school.

Here are just some of the tips we’ve garnered from the site:


Goal setting: By involving teachers and administrators, you can discover what the biggest need is, and then set your sights on accomplishing that goal before moving on to the next. Support comes more readily when your school community can actually visualize a tangible item to work toward.


Updates — always updates: Make sure the school family is well aware of your projects, your progress and your needs. Send flyers home and hold contests. And don’t forget to remind families that there are three ways to participate, including:

  • Clip: Watch your savings add up every month as you print and use coupons for Box Tops products.
  • Shop: Over 100 retailers give eBoxTops to your school when you shop online at the Box Tops Marketplace
  • Reading Room: Here, Barnes & Noble and Box Tops have teamed up to make it easy to earn cash for your school.


Go to the ’zines: Run cheap ads on blogs and in online magazines requesting Box Tops.  Some online magazines (called eZines) will run these ads for free if you approach them with a heartfelt request. One volunteer in Oklahoma said she received 1,200 Box Tops in a week from such free advertising.


Prod the merchants: Reach out to local storekeepers and businesses to see if they’ll sponsor a collection contest or maybe shop on behalf of the Marketplace for your school. Find merchants who are willing to match any money you raise in a particular fundraiser.


Make it fun: Set up shopping sprees at stores that carry Box Top-labeled consumer goods and encourage others to take advantage of the Reading Room and Marketplace. Host “counting” parties to get those Box Tops counted, sorted and bundled. Organize scavenger hunts to collect Box Tops in your neighbors’ pantries.


Schedule special days: Create a schedule of monthly tasks, such as “Bring your Box Tops day.” Again, send flyers home as well as email reminders to keep the notion of clipping Box Top coupons at the top of the thought process for students and their parents. Oh, and you parents: Don’t forget to ask your fellow employees to bring their Box Tops to you at work.


Learn from others: Take advantage of the Box Tops community for ideas to raise funds. Find Box Tops For Education on Facebook and click the Like button. Visit the Box Top blog. That way you can stay on top of what’s happening nationwide.


A little friendly competition: Help your school set up rivalries between classrooms, with prizes or special events going to the class that brings in the most box tops.


Using the Comment section below, tell us what you do to generate enthusiasm and participation in your local Box Tops For Education drives.

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