On this episode of “R&B Divas,” the drama from the mysterious “e-blast” on last week’s episode continued, and all of the ladies (minus Faith and Angie) gathered together with their managers to get to the bottom of everything. Of course, whenever the divas were all together in one room, drama was bound to happen and with the So So Def 20th Anniversary concert, Syleena’s mother moving in and Nicci’s daughter taking over her clothing line, things couldn’t have been more hectic! Find out what happened below:

Who Sent The Mysterious Email?  Last week, a mysterious email was sent out announcing the “R&B Divas” tour from an anonymous source. While all of the ladies suspected that Syleena was the culprit, she insisted that she wasn’t the one that leaked that information. She stated that she had no idea who sent out the email and made sure to clear her name of any blame. At that point, the girls were no closer to finding out who sent off the email and still had not made any advances toward planning the tour. I think it’s safe to say that this tour may never happen.

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