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Let’s face it. Our phones have taken over our lives! Everywhere you go, you see heads bowed in mock prayer, as they slide their fingers over the glossy screen. Instead of becoming distracted by the brilliant lights that glow from our many screens, we should use technology’s powers for good.

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Between the iPhone, Android, iPad, Google Tablets and countless others, there’s all kinds of apps that have been created to make your lives easier. Yes, there’s more to the app store than the latest Angry Birds. There’s apps out here that solve fights between you and your lover, teaches the birds and the bees to your lover and even organizes all of the hectic moving pieces in your life.

We’ve done some work for you and gathered the top five apps that will change your tech life! Check them out below!

Good Fight

Created by clinical psychologist Dr. Les Parrott and his wife, marriage and family therapist Dr. Leslie Parrott (#1 NYT bestselling authors of “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”), Good Fight helps busy couples learn how to resolve conflicts without therapy. Using proven tools and years of psychological research, the app increases intimacy and improves communication between lovers.

Inside your app, which is linked to your partner’s account, you share intimate info that helps you get to the core of why you’re fighting, open up about your thoughts in a safe environment, and dismantle fights—all from the convenience of your phone. The app is free with their book, “The Good Fight: How Conflict Can Bring You Closer,” but can be purchased for $12.

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