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Perched at the piano with his pecks peaking in between the lid and lid prop is how we imagine John Legend. The “Green Light” singer revealed that occasionally he plays his instrument minus those inhibiting things called clothes. If I had a piano in my living room, I reckon I’d do the same.

Legend established himself as a phenomenal song writer with his debut album “Get Lifted”–which earned him a Grammy award for his certified gold single “Ordinary People.” Praised for his vocal range, signature howl, and genius fingers, Legend’s name suits his talent.

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Having worked with many of the industries biggest names, including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Nas and Kanye West–who has produced all of his solo albums, Legend is well-respected amongst his peers! While he continues to create endearing music that attracts lovers of all sorts, he spends his off-time lending his efforts to numerous charities that combat poverty, raise mens health awareness, and finding a cure against HIV and more…

Legend spared us a moment of his time, to chat about his upcoming release, engagement to Chrissy Teigen and working with Rick Ross post- rape lyric controversy!

Check it out…

Tell us about the new album…

“The album is called “Love & The Future.” We’ve been working on it for a while now. It’s such a pleasure to finally be finishing it up and getting it ready for the public to hear it. I worked on it with Kanye a lot. He’s the executive producer of the album. He’s been very involved with a lot of the tracks.

What was the thought process behind creating such a sexual video for the single “Who Do We Think We Are”?

We felt like we wanted something that was provocative and risky. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, it’s about being able to take risks. We wanted something beautiful, artsy and all those thing, super high fashion and luxurious.

Rick Ross recently came under fire for his recent lyrics. How do you feel about the line that caused him so much trouble?

That was a mistake. He shouldn’t have said it. I think we are influential. I don’t want to police every lyric that every rapper has because honestly there are a lot of things being said in rap. Some of them are meant to be taken literally and some of them are not meant to be taken literally. But, I don’t want artists making light of rape or any kind of sexual assault in their lyrics and making it seem like it’s fun and OK. He made a mistake by doing that. That doesn’t mean he needs to be banned from music for life. It just means he made a mistake and he needs to apologize and move on. I believe he’s done that so, for me, people ask me ‘Are you going to kick him off the track?’ And, I said ‘No. I’m not going to do that.” He’s my friend. We’ve worked together for many years. I’m not going to kick him off the song we did together that he did such a great job on. That’s not how I operate.

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