I’m never one to sign on to things because Beyonce says so, but this here Luke James–I’ve got to give thanks to Beyonce for thrusting him into the minds of the mainstream. (However, I still refuse to “Bow Down”) James opened for Baddie Bey for her four-date Revel tour and the “Diva” singer recently announced that he’d be opening for her “Mrs. Carter World Tour” dates once she hits Europe. I say all that to say, Luke James is a big damn deal. From his up-in-the-clouds falsetto to his larger-than-life performance style, the lucky folks holding Beyonce tickets are in for the cherry atop their deliciously sweet Beyonce treat.

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Before James could get caught up in the rapture of all that it is to be on Beyonce’s radar, we snagged him for an intimate performance of his latest tune, “I.O.U.” James stripped the song down to the basics and with just a simple set of keys, his dynamic and unbelievably sensual voice, he delivered a rendition of the song that is sure to melt your heart and your panties. Promise.

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