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The differences in the sexes are shown in a new parody  to Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign.

Earlier this week, the personal care brand released an ad, which told women “You Are More Beautiful Than You Think,” and it became a viral success. Now, New Feelings Time has released brilliant parody to the video, which tells men, “You’re less beautiful than you think.”

If the result from the parodied video are true, apparently low self esteem is not as big of a problem for men as it may be for women.

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In the real social experiment, Dove asked a group of women to describe their facial features to a forensics artist. The conclusion it revealed women are their own worst beauty critics.

However in the parodied clip, it shows that “men view their own beauty in contrast to what others see.”

Check out the videos below and tell us what you think of the results. True or false?


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