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mike-riceYou know that former head coach from Rutgers, Mike Rice, who was fired for his homophobic slurs and physical abuse of his players? Well, he’s got a new basketball coaching gig and this time it’s for young girls. Yeah, I’ll give you a second for you to pick your jaw up from the floor. Coach Rice is coaching his daughter’s 7th grade Amateur Athletic Union travel team, the New Jersey Shoreshots. Pickings must have been super slim for this position.

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There’s folks out here fighting for a new job, wait. Wrong choice of words. People are out here struggling for work and this coach who’s known for his physical and vocal violence who’s evidently perfect to coach prepubescent girls. Maybe these little girls have what it takes to calm the coach down, although I doubt it. It’s been reported that Rice is still behaving badly on the court.

Reactions to the coach’s new job is mixed, but he’s still getting a considerable amount of support:

“Some of Rice’s players parents are saying that his antics are being mischaracterized. Witnesses I talk to tell me that he’s as nuts as ever… As a parent of an almost 12 year old, I wouldn’t want him coaching my daughter.”

“Mike is doing this because this is what he does. This is what he loves.” -mother of one of the girls on the team

“As far as him acting improper in any way, that’s not true.” -Fellow coach

Rice was suspended for three games and fined $50,000 by the university last December for his conduct. Well, at least now he has a new job to help him cover that fine. SMH!


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