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We were expecting Whitney Houston‘s private FBI file to shed some insight on her untimely death, drug-abuse history or any unknown detail about her past, but the document–released under a Freedom of Information Act request– doesn’t state anything besides the obvious: fans loved her (some more than others)!

The 128-page file reveals extortion attempts by fans, stan-like behavior from fans and deranged statements from…you guessed it, fans. “I might hurt someone with some crazy idea and not realize how stupid an idea it was until after it was done,” said one entry. “I am afraid of what I might do because it now seems like a rational choice to send copies of all the letters to these trash things so that they could print the story and [maybe] I can get an answer from you,” read another.

“Houston in 1999 also received letters and recorded cassette tapes from the Netherlands which she deemed threatening, according to the files. The sender made outrageous claims in an FBI interview that he was “President of Europe,” purchased Brazil for $66 billion and helped Nelson Mandela win election in South Africa.” –CSMonitor.com

Another case, 1992, was an alleged extortion attempt for $100,000 and $250,000 in “exchange for not releasing sensitive personal information,” reports LATimes. An undisclosed amount was paid out by Nippy Inc.

There wasn’t much to be taken away from the file, which according to reports, had more white and blank spaces than information.

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