Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was hospitalized over the weekend with a very serious and life-threatening condition–cerebral venous thrombosis. After suffering a concussion and stomach virus earlier in December, doctors discovered a clot and the condition is a treatable and under-recognized cause of a benign intracranial hypertension syndrome, and may also cause focal signs, seizures, and depression of consciousness.

Although there limited reports of where the clot was found, ABC News is reporting that this clot is uncommon, but very serious. “She is lucky being Hillary Clinton and had a follow-up MRI — lucky that her team thought to do it,” said Dr. Brian D. Greenwald, medical director at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Center for Head Injuries. “It could have potentially serious complications.”

Check out the report below:

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Clinton has been given blood thinners to break up the clot and her family is by her side. Clinton’s medical emergency comes her tenure as secretary of state comes to a close. She plans to step down from the highly regarded position if and when Sen. John Kerry (who is President Barack Obama‘s choice to replace her) is confirmed by the Senate. #TeamBeautiful hopes for a speedy recovery for Hillary.

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