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“Basketball Wives LA” never fails to disappoint. After last week’s crazy episode and the big blow up between Laura and the rest of the girls, we picked up right where we left off. Check out some of the highlights below.

Jackie’s Lunch With Gloria

These ladies LOVE to meet for lunch and talk about each other don’t they? On last night’s episode, Jackie decided to meet with Gloria to discuss their relationship. As we already know, Laura was scheming on Jackie, trying to find the right moment to say, “got ya, b***h” as pay back for all of the pain Jackie caused her last season. Everybody seems to know this except for Jackie, who still continued to tell Gloria how much she adored Laura and their friendship. “Ay dios, I think I blanked out. I think I definitely took a nap,” Gloria told cameras after sitting and listening to Jackie ramble about her sister. Yawn, I think we all took a nap.

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Draya’s All White Party

After a painful experience at the tattoo and piercing parlor, Draya decided to throw an all white party in celebration of her swimsuit line. All of the ladies showed up in the appropriate attire except for Queen Jackie who opted for a black jumpsuit. “I walk in, I see all of my friends, I see everyone in all white, and out of the corner of my eye, I see like, a dark figure,” Draya said before allowing the black sheep to stay..,after all, Jackie did bring a gift. Somehow Jackie made the situation into a massive conversation about herself. “Jackie finds a way to make every single thing about her. Like if you were giving birth, Jackie would pass out on the floor and be like ‘Oh my God, I hit my head, oh, sweet baby Jesus,” explained Gloria. When all else failed, Jackie put on the water works and continued to claim that she didn’t get the all white memo. But, according to Draya, she told Jackie that the party was an all white affair, herself. Before deciding to leave the soiree, Jackie stirred up some drama by confronting Laura. The two started arguing and Laura let it all out, “What y’all don’t get is the s— I had to deal with that hurt me on another type of level. One, I had just had a baby. My fourth. I sat there and I confided in yo’ a** and I let you befriend me and dog me the f— out. I don’t take good to s— like that. The fact that I felt hurt last year…I want you to feel the same way.” YIKES! Bambi decided that she should jump in and try to referee the situation which fueled Laura’s fire even more. With some back up from her sister, in unison, they shouted, “Shut up, Bambi! You’re like the freshman in the crew!”

Brooke Gets The King Magazine Cover

After Draya’s all white party fiasco, Draya and Brooke decided to meet up for drinks. Conveniently enough, when the girls were at the table, Brooke got the call that she got the cover of King Magazine, which didn’t sit well with Draya at all (especially because the editor of the magazine told Brooke that the main reason she got the cover was because “home girl bounced out” of the shoot (home girl a.k.a Draya) and Brooke was acting more professional). Draya took his comments as the only reason Brooke got the cover was because she walked out of the shoot, but went on to say that she would never do a shoot for them because “they just aren’t what they used to be.” “Draya, have a seat,” Brooke responded.

Have several seats Draya! What did you think about this week’s episode?

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