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I’m really frustrated because I am now a year natural and I still don’t know my hair type. My hair is naturally soft but really annoying to style, so I just get box braids.  It grows really fast, but stays short. Can you please give me suggestions I want to know my type so I know what exactly to put in my hair so it can grow thicker and longer?

Thank you



Hi Jordynn,

First, I recommend scheduling a consultation with a professional hair stylist who has experience with natural hair. During the consultation, ask about their experience with natural hair, what products they use, their technique, and ask for a hair analysis.

Second, click here for a curl reference chart that will help determine your hair.

Third, get on a hair regimen. Depending on your texture, shampoo and condition your hair weekly. I’d also suggest not getting box braids. A huge part of natural hair is learning about your hair’s personality. The only way to do so is by playing with your texture through styles like twist or braid out.

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