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Last night we were privileged with another episode of “Basketball Wives LA” and although each episode this season has been full of drama, last night’s show definitely took the cake. From Jackie’s daughter Chantel having a sit down with Laura about her mother’s terrible parenting, to Jackie and Draya mending their “friendship” Check out some of the highlights below:

Chantel, Tells All…

As if we didn’t already think that Jackie was a psycho-path, her daughter Chantel confirmed our suspicions even further. Chani opened up to Laura and intern we learned a lot about the Christie household, perhaps more than we needed or wanted… Chantelsaid Jackie was selfish and was only worried about how she was perceived in public. Chantel also went on to talk about her and her older sister, Takari’s relationship, saying that Jackie treated them differently. “She always played us against each other. It was ‘She’s fat and she’s black and you’re skinny and you need to stay in shape and you’re the model’ and it blows my mind,” Chantel told Laura.  If what Chantel was saying about Jackie was the truth, it’s was saddest thing I’ve ever heard come out of anyone’s mouth, and Laura seemed to agree. “I could hear the hurt in her voice,” Laura said.

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Laura Vs. Everybody

Since the girls returned from their Seattle trip, Bambi and Malaysia seemed to have an issue with the way Laura treated Jackie. They met with Draya to give her the run down of what happened and Bambi told Draya that she didn’t like how fake Laura acted towards Jackie. Bambi wasn’t the only one that had an issue with Laura and Jackie’s relationship. When Brooke and Jackie met for lunch to apologize about their big fight that happened a few weeks ago, they also began talking about Laura. Brooke brought up Laura’s talk with Chani and asked Jackie if it was true that she treated her darker skinned daughter differently than her lighter skinned one. When Jackie explained to Brooke that that statement was not true, Brooke began to think of Laura differently, “Laura, what the hell are you doing? You little conniving, snaky b—h, you,” she said.

Malaysia’s Skating Birthday Party

In the midst of all of the drama, Malaysia was celebrating her birthday with a 80s themed skating party, and invited all of the ladies to attend.  When Bambi arrived she sat next to Brooke and asked her how she felt about Laura and Jackie. Brooke and Bambi both agreed that Laura was phony, and decided that they weren’t cool with her. A few episodes ago Brooke and Bambi were at each other’s throats and now they’ve bonded over their dislike for Laura. How cute. Brooke and Bambi weren’t the only enemies that became friends again. Draya and Jackie also mended their relationship when Jackie asked Draya to walk in her fashion show during NY Fashion Week. Although Draya didn’t exactly say yes, she didn’t exactly say no either, but said that she would like to work on their friendship first.”Aw s**t Malaysia did it again. Now I done forgave Jackie. On accident,” Draya told the cameras. During the love fest, the girls all agreed that Jackie was a sweet person and they wanted to put an end to the way Laura was treating her because it bothered the whole group. Laura told them to drop the situation, but the girls just couldn’t let it go, causing Laura to leave from the party with nothing resolved.
After the skating party, Laura met with her sister Gloria to talk about the situation with Jackie. Gloria was shocked that all of the girls were on Jackie’s side this time, even Draya who was so clueless about Jackie’s motives last season. “I’m trying to connect the dots to where Jackie all of a sudden went from villain to victim…Right now it’s just not making any sense,” Gloria said. It’s not making any sense to us either! Maybe next episode will give us more clarity, we hope.

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