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Thank sweet little baby Jesus that we don’t have a new president! President Barack Obama still has the support of the American people, despite those like Stacey Dash, Donald Trump and the little blonde girl who’s not Honey Boo Boo.

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Even though he’s teared up over his re-election, we’re still happier than happy! You know who’s not? Some random McDonald’s in West Virginia. But that’s ok, there’s bigger fish to fry–like Lady Gaga and her $1 million donation to Hurricane Sandy victims and Jonah Hill being mean to CNN’s Don Lemon.

Confused? Don’t be! We’ve got the list of hot topics every smart chick should be well-versed on before she goes into her weekend.

And as always, you’re welcome.

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1. Lady Gaga Gives Back For Hurricane Sandy

Lady Gag is a New York native and her love for her home was shown when she pledged $1 million towards Hurricane Sandy relief. “Today I pledge 1 million dollars to New York & The American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief,” she wrote in the open letter. “If it wasn’t for NYC: the Lower Eastside, Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn, I would not be the woman or artist that I am today. New York is relentless ambition, a drive to succeed, a place where there is a natural pursuit of diversity through compassion.” Read the full story on The Marquee Blog.

2. West Virginia McDonald’s Makes An Unpatriotic Move

After the results of the election revealing that President Obama would remain our world leader, many people around the country expressed their disdain in several ways–from Donald Trump’s tweets to Ole Miss students burning Obama signs, not all of America was pleased. An American flag was spotted at a McDonald’s in Follansbee, West Virginia, flying at half-staff and upside-down. Half-staff indicates being in distress and needing assistance, while an upside-down flag can be seen as pure disrespect. Check out the full story on Huffington Post.

3. Jonah Hill Treated CNN’s Don Lemon Like “The Help”

When you run into Jonah Hill at a fancy hotel, chances are, he may think that you work there. CNN’s Don Lemon ran into the funnyman recently and wanted to shake his hand and let him know that he enjoyed his work. Evidently, Hill didn’t give Lemon the reaction he wanted, as Hill claimed that he shook Lemon’s hand and was on his way. Lemon took to Twitter to complain about the comedian’s lack of manner Check out the full story on TMZ.

4.President Obama Wins Florida & Recount Demanded

Florida seems to be that one swing state that takes the longest to call. While we all celebrated President Obama’s re-election, Florida’s votes were still being counted. Florida Republican Congressman Allen West is leading in a recount of last Tuesday’s election. Many believe that there was some type of voter fraud. While President Obama’s landslide victory allows him to be president sans Florida’s votes, West still wants a recount. Read the full story on CBS.


5. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Gets Possible Plea Deal

Jesse Jackson is facing an ethics investigation in the U.S. House connected to former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who was convicted on corruption charges. Jackson is facing a criminal probe into the alleged misuse of public funds to redecorate his home as well as purchase lavish gifts . However, he easily won re-election to his Chicago-area district at this year’s election. It seems that despite his legal and health issues that he will remain in his seat. Check out the full story on The Grio.


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