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Politics have been having the most ratchet week, month, maybe even year for quotes, ever. From Mitt Romney’s FEMA lies to Richard Mourdock’s rape being a gift from God comments, politicians haven’t been checking themselves before they wreck themselves. The latest to join in on the crazy talk is Massachusetts Legislative Candidate, Mike Connolly said in a debate recently:

“I think my campaign, sure there is a marketing element to it, but it’s also grounded in substance, take Rosa Parks for example, when she refused to get out of her seat, in some ways that was a gimmick. If she really wanted the bus to take her where she was going, she would have got up and moved when she was asked to leave. But what she was doing is, she was trying to make a point, and that’s what we are trying to do with our campaign.”

It’s been reported that Connolly’s statement was in response to two opponents, Democratic state Rep. Tim Toomey and Republican Thomas Vasconcelos attack on his refusal to accept campaign contributions. They called said refusal a gimmick, which in turn caused Connolly to respond by comparing himself to the historically legendary Rosa Parks and her refusal to give up her seat on that Montgomery bus in 1955.

Connolly has since denied calling Rosa Parks a gimmick. He tells

“I am not saying she is a gimmick or what she did was a gimmick and it makes me cringe to even say those words. That’s not what the context of it was. What I was conveying, is there is substance in taking an action that throws attention to an important issue.”

Connolly claims that he wanted to make a point about taking a stand and used Rosa Parks as an example of such. Rosa Parks indeed took a stand that led to a boycott, which became a major milestone in Civil Rights. Connolly’s stand against accepting campaign funds is not on the same level and doesn’t even deserve to be compared to Parks’ courage and strength.

Even though Connolly meant well, his reference fell flat and was easily taken out of context. Is it just me or does there seem to be a lack of good judgment in politics these days?

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