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tamar and vince

Oh, Tamar and Vince, we missed you last week! This time on “Tamar & Vince,” things were starting to look up for the couple! It seemed as if counseling was actually working for them, as Vince was being more patient with Tamar and Tamar was learning how to compromise with Vince. Check out our recap below:

Vince’s Doctor Visit In NY 

Since they were in New York, Vince and Tamar visited the doctor to get the status on his health. Typical jealous Tamar wasn’t too pleased when “nurse groupy-hands” started feeling on her husband, but she was very happy that Vince’s was doing better. His blood pressure was even lower than hers! GO Vince! After Vince’s blood test, he needed to have a stress test, but the only problem was that Tamar’s mouth was stressing him out! Vince was nervous but once he received his results and found that his stress level was also improving, he was very pleased with himself! “Now, we can both get our drink on like the olden days, yeah baby!,” Tamar said. Cheers to that!

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Vince Visited His Parent’s Grave in New Jersey

Since Vince and Tamar were going to be in New York for a couple of days, Vince decided that he should visit his parent’s grave in New Jersey. Visiting his deceased parent’s grave was always emotional for both Vince and Tamar, and Tamar was worried about how Vince would act once he returned home. She called LaShawn for moral support and he told her that she shouldn’t be so stressed out about her husband, but instead be there to support him and encourage him when he was  feeling down.  After Vince returned home from the cemetery, he was extremely depressed. Tamar tried her best to comfort her husband, and show him that she was there to ride with him which made Vince remember why he fell in love with Tamar in the first place! “As much as she drives everyone crazy, we wouldn’t know what to do without her,” Vince told cameras. So cute!

Tamar & Vince Started Decorating Their LA Home

After returning back home to LA, Tamar and Vince (but mostly Tamar) began the process of decorating their home. Tamar was tired of walking around in an empty house that looked like they just “rolled up in the hood and the ‘repo’ man just paid her a visit.” They hired an interior decorator, Tim a.k.a Mr. Brady, to assist them with their home decor. Since Tamar was in charge of decorating their home, things had to be absolutely perfect–Tamar style! She wasn’t too sure if Mr. Brady understood exactly what she wanted for their home, especially when he brought out pictures of a “black leather bachelor apartment style” sofa for their living room. It looked like this was going to take longer than expected!

Tamar’s Studio Session 

Finally, it was time for Tamar to get back in the studio and work on her album. She started to work with a producer named, TT, who was helping her decide on a new direction to go in with her first single. Of course, he and Tamar bumped heads because Tamar knew exactly what she wanted to do and he wasn’t sure that it was the best direction to take. Once Vince came into the studio, he was impressed by Tamar’s progress and how they were able to come together to create something HOT! It looked like Tamar knew what she was talking about, after all! Can’t wait to hear the finished product!

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