In times like these, no job is guaranteed. Life is already tough as it is, but there aren’t too many things that can make you feel worse than being laid off or fired. I remember being laid of for the first time in my life. I sat across from my boss thinking that we were just having a routine weekly meeting to catch up. Little did I know that his intention was to let me go and in the middle of the week at that!

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When he finally revealed why I was there, everything from that point on seemed to be in slow motion. I tried to keep a smile on my face and tears from welling up in my eyes. I was successful at that but man did it suck. I didn’t like the job, nor did I really want to be there but rejection isn’t an easy thing to handle in any situation, period!

So how do you build your confidence and keep it after you’ve been laid off? First things first, being unemployed is only a temporary thing and you have to truly treat it as such.  It’s all about changing your mindset.

Here are a few tips for keeping your confidence:

Revisit your skills

Think about what got you hired at your last job. Was it your remarkable writing skills, your ability to communicate well with people or maybe you have that rare gift of sales that you possess? Whatever it was, it got you in the door, right? Look back and be proud of the skills you have. Now, as competitive as it is in the workplace, it won’t hurt to cultivate those skills by taking some free classes as your local college or community business development center. Get better at what you do so you can increase your confidence to go after an even better job!

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Get out of the house

Just because you are unemployed doesn’t mean you have to sit at home all day waiting for something to happen. Take your laptop to your local coffee shop and start looking for work online. Make sure to dress decent; you never know whom you may run into. Coffee shops are full of working folks as well as entrepreneurs. You very easily could run into someone and spark up a conversation that can lead to “Oh by the way, my company is hiring”. Don’t forget to also visit local job fairs and meet employers face-to-face!

Network online

Social networking has become such a useful source for finding employment these days. Have you heard of LinkedIn? If you haven’t, you need to register for the site now. Not only can you create an awesome online resume but you can follow companies you’d like to work for and you get introduced to the decision-makers in the hiring process. So many people are not taking advantage of social networks when looking for employment, so this can definitely build your confidence, just knowing that you are ahead of the curve. Check out this infographic on utilizing social media to help you get a job.

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