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Did you know there’s people out there in the world that think Michelle Obama doesn’t look or act like a First Lady? Believe me, I am as shocked as you are. Oh and there’s more Newt Gingrich doesn’t think President Obama is very…presidential.

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I’m not so sure what these folks need in a POTUS & FLOTUS, but the Obamas aren’t cutting it for them. That’s only the tip of the iceberg in political news this week.

Did you get a chance to read last week’s cheat sheet? Did you use the hot topics to impress your friends with how worldly you’ve become? Good! So did I! Let me let you in on a little secret–I’ve created a monster in myself. I am now addicted to political and worldly news. Hopefully I’ve created a monster in you too!

Your cheat sheet this week is Romney and Obama-heavy, but it goes beyond their campaign. If conversations open up about a Sikh woman who didn’t let bullying pull her down, Obama’s step-grandmother’s opinion on women’s rights or the mayor of Phoenix ineffectively living on Food Stamps for a week, you’ll have a strong opinion. And isn’t that what life’s about anyway? Once again–you’re welcome.

1. Michelle Obama Doesn’t Dress Or Act Like The First Lady

Say what?! Yeah, I had to do a double take when I read this one. Then when I saw it was said by a voter in Virginia, I figured their opinion wasn’t important. “I just — I don’t like him. Can’t stand to look at him. I don’t like his wife. She’s far from the first lady. It’s about time we get a first lady in there that acts like a first lady, and looks like a first lady,” Bobbie Lussier said on NPR. Read WHY Lussier thinks Michelle doesn’t act like a First Lady on Huffington Post.

2. Romney Roundup: His Heart Goes Out To The Jobless, He Wants To Restore America’s Freedom & He Rocks “Brownface”

Mitt Romney’s brilliant campaign can now proudly announce that the “big idea” its standing on is…freedom. Romney wants America to restore the kind of freedom that’s allowed us to be the “shining city on the hill.” Yes, he’s serious. Don’t believe me, check out this video from New York Daily News. Romney’s been trying to win over the hearts of the middle class ever since he was caught on tape dissing the very same class of people he needs in his corner. Now Romney’s claiming his heart goes out to the middle class. How convenient. Check it out on Reuters. And that’s not all Romney’s been up to this week. The presidential hopeful spent a few hours or days in the tanning salon. Perhaps his new brownface allows him to understand the middle class a little more. Check out Romney’s brownface on Huffington Post.

3. Sikh Woman Bullied & Not Bothered

A photo of Balpreet Kaur was taken without her knowledge while she was waiting in line at the Ohio State University Library. The person who snapped the photo ridiculed Kaur’s looks and her Sikn faith.Kaur confidently replied when she spotted her photo online, “Hey, guys. This is Balpreet Kaur, the girl from the picture. I’m not embarrassed or even humiliated by the attention [negative and positive] that this picture is getting, because it’s who I am.” Read the rest of Kaur’s response on Yahoo.

4. Phoenix Mayor Doesn’t Know How Use Food Stamps

1.1 Million Arizonians get roughly $29 of Food Stamps each week and that is exactly what Phoenix Mayor, Greg Stanton was challenged to do. At only four days in, Stanton was ready to give up.  “If I were doing this with no end in sight, I probably wouldn’t be so pleasant.” Read about Mayor Stanton’s experience on Think Progress.

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5. President Obama’s Step-Grandmother Speaks Out On Women’s Rights, He Gives Out Phones & New Gingrich Doesn’t Think He’s A “Real President”

President Obama’s step grandmother, Sarah Obama chatted with The Root’s Louise Lief about the work she’s done in Kenya caring for orphans of women who’ve died of AIDS and helping students with their education. At 90 years old, Sarah’s seen Kenya slowly change from the place where a woman’s only value was to be obedient. Check out Sarah Obama’s heartbreaking story about women’s rights on The Root.Lord have mercy. So President Obama has been making waves as President–bringing soldiers home, decreasing unemployment and giving out phones. Check out how excited people are about their “Obama phones” in this video on The Root.  Lastly, Newt Gingrich decided to open his opinionated mouth and spewed out hot garbage about President Obama not even acting like a President. “He really is like the substitute referees in the sense that he’s not a real president. He doesn’t do anything that presidents do, he doesn’t worry about any of the things the presidents do,” Gingrich said. Evidently hasn’t heard of President Bush. Check out his entire rant on Politico.

6.  Democrats Win

A controversial voter bill were passed last year that required specific forms of ID in order to vote. This bill was thought to prevent millions across the country from voting. Specifically these bills would affect those that couldn’t acquire proper ID like blacks, Latinos and the elderly. The battle seemed like a losing one, but the Obama administration has stunted the growth of this bill. Check out the full victory on The Grio.

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