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Our favorite “Single Ladies” have welcomed a newbie into the clique, Morgan, Raquel’s newest employee. Raquel tells the girls she’s excited about meeting with Nicolette Trudeau, a supermodel who’s looking for clothing stores to sell her clothing line in.

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The girls are having drinks at the bar, when Keisha runs into Winston, which ends up being a flirty confrontation. Winton apologizes for all of the legal trouble he’s caused her over the past few years, and she tells him that maybe they can be friends after all. Winston has other plans in mind though, that involve being more than friends. He invites her to dinner because he wants to know everything that’s hidden behind her beautiful smile.  Keisha of course accepts, I mean who would turn down a free meal?

Morgan turns out to be a great addition to the group, and she’s looking for a man just like the other girls. She spots a guy at the bar and tries to be seductive after taking some lessons from Keisha and voila, she actually strikes up a conversation with the guy!

Now that April and Reggie are finally together, he’s turning into a pain in the butt. When he picks April up to go to the movies, he tells her to “glam it up” a bit instead of wearing jeans. She does what he asks, just because their in the new love stage and she wants him to remain happy. After their movie, they go to a bar where April promotes and she asks her friend, Jordan, to rub her shoulder that’s aching. When Reggie sees this, he goes OFF. April tells him that she’s getting tired of his rules, and he responds with “I’m getting tired of you not getting it”. Ouch. April better shape up if she wants to keep Reggie, or not.

Raquel and Charles’ relationship is a little weird, because Charles is a poor sport. The two have a nice date at home and when Charles loses, he gets so upset that he leaves. Things turn for the worse when Raquel makes Charles wait for lunch and then doesn’t read the article that he wrote and asked for her feedback on. He walks away without giving her a kiss goodbye. Ouch.

When Nicolette arrives at the boutique, Morgan, Raquel and Omar have their fun gossiping about how mean she’s going to be, and from their previous research from TMZ, she’s definitely a diva who’s known to throw things at people’s head. When they actually meet her, she’s the sweetest person ever and everyone falls in love with her.  Nicolette gives Raquel her business and she agrees to go with Keisha to look for houses. When they look for houses, who else should they run into but Taylor and Malcolm. Taylor tries to act all bougie like she’s already met Nicolette before, but Nicolette doesn’t recall, giving Keisha oh so much satisfaction.

Morgan goes out on a date with the guy she met at the bar a few days earlier, and although the date goes well, he makes her pay for her own meal and then asks her if they can hang out a little earlier. “Brah, I may have paid for dinner, but I’m nobody’s ho,” she tells him. Message!

The next day, he shows up at the boutique to apologize for making her pay for her meal and asks her out again and promises to pay for her food next time. She accepts, but she definitely needs to have her guard up with this guy.

The girls may have let their guard down with Nicolette too soon, because she fires Raquel for not having her designs the way she wants them to look. When Keisha steps in to defend Raquel, she fires her too! Yikes!

Reggie and April decide that they were better off as friends than lovers, and decide to take it back. Over so soon? April doesn’t seem to mind, because she’s the one that’s been dealing with Reggie’s bad attitude the past week.

Charles and Raquel meet up to discuss their relationship, and Charles admits that he’s uncomfortable with feeling like Raquel has all the power. He likes Raquel, but was burned before and doesn’t want to jump into another relationship. She tells him that she’s not going anywhere.. looks like it may be a future with these two.

Winston and Keisha finally have their date, and Winston tells Keisha that he’s ready to retire from being in the FBI and settle down with a wife and kids and he wants to settle down with her. Which would be awesome if Malcolm didn’t call her shortly after and tell her that he wants her back! Looks like Keisha has to choose between two great guys, again. Oh the dilemma.

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